Maine DMV Handbook and Regulations FAQ

If you’re planning on applying for your Maine driver’s license soon, then it only stands to reason that you’d be excited, not to mention nervous about passing your tests with flying colors. Make sure you pick up a copy of the official Maine Driver’s Handbook and study it from cover to cover. (Many people also like to add a practice test to their study routine.) You may also wish to have a look at the following FAQ for an idea of what you can expect from the process of dealing with the DMV in general.
How old do I need to be before I’ll be allowed to apply for a Maine driver’s license?
Every state has its own age requirements in place, but in Maine, you need to be at least 15 years of age before you can apply for a license and get your learner’s permit.
What documents and paperwork should I bring with me when I show up to apply for my license?
Everyone will need to provide state-recognized, DMV compliant forms of the following:
  • Two forms of state recognized identification
  • Proof of your current residency in the state of Maine
  • Proof of your social security number
If you’re under 18 years of age, you’ll also need to provide proof that you’ve successfully completed a certified driver’s education course. If you’re not sure whether or not a document you want to bring as proof of any of the above will be acceptable, contact the DMV ahead of time for confirmation.
If I’m under 18, do I need to have my parent or legal guardian bring me when I apply for my license?
Yes. If you are under 18, your Maine driver’s license application will require a signature from your parent or legal guardian in order to show consent. Most people find it easier to simply bring a parent with them for that reason.
Does Maine require driver’s license applicants to take and pass a physical?
Some states still require driver’s license applicants to submit to physicals before they can get their licenses, but Maine is not one of them. You will, however, be expected to meet certain physical standards, so be prepared to answer some basic questions about your health and any medical conditions you might have. You will also be required to pass a vision test that evaluates both general visual acuity and peripheral vision.
Once I have my Maine learner’s permit, what do I need to do before I can take my road test?
Once you have obtained your learner’s permit, it’s time to get comfortable with driving in general. You will need to log at least 70 hours of behind the wheel driving practice under the supervision of a licensed driver that is at least 21 years old (with 10 of those hours being completed at night). There are also minimum amounts of time you need to hold your permit before you can test for your license. If you’re under 21, you must hold your permit and practice for at least 6 months. If you’re over 21, you must hold it for 3 months instead.
Once I pass my road test, will I be approved for full driver’s privileges?
If you are an underage driver, you will be approved for what is known as an intermediate driver’s license. This means you will enjoy many of the privileges unrestricted drivers enjoy, but with a few basic restrictions in place.
  • You may not drive between the hours of 12AM and 5AM.
  • You are prohibited from using a cell phone in any capacity while behind the wheel.
  • You are not allowed to carry passengers that are not your immediate family members unless you are driving under supervision.
If you do need to carry passengers and will be driving under supervision in order to legally do so, your supervising driver must be a minimum of 20 years old and have had their driver’s license for a bare minimum of 2 years. They must also be seated in the front passenger seat at all times. An intermediate driver’s license must be held for at least 270 days before you’ll be eligible for your full, unrestricted Maine driver’s license. During this period of time, you may not violate any of the rules and restrictions listed above. If you do, you will have to wait an additional 270 days before you can get your unrestricted license and your existing intermediate license will be suspended.
I’m new to Maine. What do I need to know about having my out-of-state driver’s license transferred?
Once you become a Maine resident, you must complete the process of having your driver’s license transferred within 30 days in order to avoid possible fines. You must also be at least 16 years of age and – if you are underage – be able to show valid proof that you have completed a state-certified driver’s education course. You must also arrive prepared to show proof of your legal United States presence and proof of your residency in the state of Maine (like a rental agreement or pay stub). You’ll also be required to surrender your out-of-state license and pass a vision exam. Last but not least, you’ll be asked to pay any and all appropriate fees.
If I’m transferring my driving privileges, do I have to retake my tests?
Most people will not be required to retake their written knowledge test or their road test. However, it’s important to understand that the DMV reserves the right to ask you to retake them if they decide it’s necessary, so it pays to be prepared. Everyone will be required to take and pass a vision test.
When will I need to renew my license?
A Maine driver’s license is good for 6 years if you’re under 65 years of age and 4 years if you are over 65. Approximately 45 days before your license expires, you will receive a reminder notice in the mail alerting you to the fact. Your renewal notice will also let you know whether or not you can renew online or need to appear in person instead.
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