California driver's examination

Number of tests: 16
Number of questions: 36
Passing score: 30
Directions: Study the driver handbook before you take the test.
Each question has three answer choices. Choose one answer and mark an X in the box across from the answer. Do not talk while taking the test, use any books or notes, or cell phone, or electronic devices, or leave the test area before your test has been graded. It may result in a test failure and you may be suspended or revoked.
Passing grade —
6 or fewer errors for original applicants
3 or fewer errors for renewal applicants
If there is no crosswalk and you see a pedestrian crossing your lane, you should:
Make sure the pedestrian can see you before proceeding
Cautiously drive around the pedestrian
Stop and let the pedestrian finish crossing
Which of the below are common factors contributing to traffic crashes?
Exceeding the posted speed limit and driving too fast for conditions or circumstances
Getting adequate rest and staying alert
Scanning the environment and staying focused on the driving task
When driving at night, if the oncoming lights are blinding you, you should:
look toward the right edge of the road
switch your lights to the high beam
turn your lights on and off
This sign means:
Watch for bicycles.
Bicycles not allowed.
Bicycle repair shop ahead.
It is against the law to enter an intersection when:
You can't get all the way across before the light turns red
The light is flashing yellow and you didn't stop first
The light is yellow and you can stop safely
Which of these is a safe driving technique?
Using your high beam lights in the fog
Starring at the road ahead of your vehicle
Checking your rearview mirrors frequently
The first thing that a drink of alcohol effects is:
Judgment and skills
Slowing down just to look at collisions or anything else out of the ordinary:
Causes traffic congestion
Prevents rear-end collisions
Improves traffic flow by preventing collisions
The extra space in front of a large truck is needed for:
Other drivers when merging onto a freeway.
The truck driver to stop the vehicle.
Other drivers when they want to slow down.
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