California driver's examination

Number of tests: 16
Number of questions: 36
Passing score: 30
Directions: Study the driver handbook before you take the test.
Each question has three answer choices. Choose one answer and mark an X in the box across from the answer. Do not talk while taking the test, use any books or notes, or cell phone, or electronic devices, or leave the test area before your test has been graded. It may result in a test failure and you may be suspended or revoked.
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You must look for bicycle riders in the same lanes used by motor vehicles because they:
Must ride facing oncoming traffic
Illegally share lanes with motor vehicles
Are entitled to share the road with you
You want to park uphill on a two-way road and there is no curb. Which way do you turn your front wheels?
So they face straight ahead
Right towards the side of the road
Left towards the center of the road
You must file a report of traffic accident occurring in California with the DMV when:
Your vehicle fails a smog test
You are involved in a collision and there is an injury
You change your insurance company
This yellow sign means?
One lane ahead
Merging traffic ahead
Lane ends ahead
When you see this yellow sign, you should:
Always stop at the crosswalk
Stop at the crosswalk until a crossing guards signals you to go
Be prepared to stop if children are in the crosswalk
Which of these statements is true about drinking alcohol and driving?
If you can walk a straight line after drinking, it is safe to drive
If you are under the legal blood alcohol concentration limit, your driving isn't impaired
Alcohol affects judgement, which is needed for driving safely
It is legal to drive with an alcoholic beverage container that has been opened if the container is:
Under the front seat
In the glove department
In the trunk
When can you drive in a bike lane?
30 minutes after sunset or 30 minutes before sunrise
On foggy days when visibility is low
200 feet before making a turn
You may legally block an intersection:
When you entered the intersection on the green light.
During rush hour traffic.
Under no circumstances.
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