California Motorcycle Permit Test

Number of tests: 6
Number of questions: 30
Passing score: 6
Directions: Study the California Motorcycle Handbook before taking the written test. All the knowledge test questions are based on information in the 2016 Handbook. The test consists of 30 multiple choice questions. Each question has three possible answers. Select the best answer. You must miss 6 or fewer questions to pass the test.
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When riding at night you should:
Reduce your speed because it is harder to see something lying in the road.
Move closer to the vehicle in front of you to use its lights to see farther down the road.
Keep driving at your normal speed because slowing down would increase the chance of being struck from behind.
When a motorcyclist needs to stop quickly, he or she should _________ .
Apply both brakes at the same time
Only use the rear brake
Only use the front brake
A motorcyclist should attempt to avoid an obstacle in the roadway. If that is not possible, the motorcyclist should:
Speed up before contact with the object.
Stay seated, so the seat can cushion some of the impact.
Try to approach the obstacle at as close to a 90 degree angle as possible.
If you must carry a load it should be:
Carried on the gas tank in front of the driver.
Piled up against a sissy bar or frame on the back of the seat.
Either over or in front of the rear axle.
To reduce the chance of collision, a motorcycle driver should
scan the path of travel, looking at least 10 to 15 seconds ahead
be unwilling to act to avoid a potential hazard
stay focused only straight ahead of your motorcycle
What factor does NOT play a major role in affecting your blood alcohol content (BAC)?
The amount of alcohol consumed
Body weight
In California, it is illegal for a person under the age of 21 to drive a vehicle with a blood alcohol content of (BAC) ____
When riding a motorcycle, your feet should:
Be pointed with your toes aimed downward
Be on the footrests for balance
Be comfortable