Illinois Motorcycle Permit Test

Number of tests: 16
Number of questions: 15
Passing score: 3
Directions: To earn your motorcycle license, you must pass a knowledge test and a skills test. Drivers age 16-17 must also pass a motorcycle driving course approved by the Illinois Department of Transportation. Persons age 18 and older who successfully complete an IDOT Motorcycle Rider Education Course are not required to pass a written or driving examination at a Driver Services facility. Questions on the written test come from the Illinois Motorcycle Operator Manual. On the knowledge test, there are 15 questions, including both True/false and multiple choice questions. A score of at least 12 is required to pass the knowledge test. The test may only be taken in English. The rider skills test measures vehicle handling skills in an off-street paved area. Prior to the rider skills test is an equipment check.
You have made error so far
Passing grade —
3 or fewer errors
When riding as a group and passing another vehicle, the riders should:
Allow one motorcyclist to complete the pass before another begins to pass
Avoid passing
Pass in a staggered formation, with several motorcycle riders passing at the same time
Pass in pairs
How many motorcycle/car crashes are caused by drivers entering a rider’s right-of-way?
Over 50 percent
About 25 percent
About 90 percent
About 10 percent
Usually, a following distance of ____ seconds should be maintained.
The combined effects of alcohol and other drugs are:
That the two usually balance each other out, so there is no negative effect.
more dangerous than either is alone
Less dangerous than either one alone
Usually minimal
If vehicles or other potential hazards are on your right side as you drive a motorcycle, what side of the lane would be the best to drive in?
Either side